Liverpool Ferdowsi Farsi School is now a division of The Iranian Cultural Society of Liverpool as a charitable organisation. The school was initially opened in 2006 by a number of volunteers to teach Farsi language and Iranian culture to the second generation Iranian and Farsi speaker immigrants. The activity turned into a more official form and branded as the Ferdowsi Farsi School, which gradually attracted more families. The school moved to Central Youth Club since September 2009 and to the new location on Holly Lodge Girls College (140 Mill Ln, Liverpool L12 7LE) since January 2020 which offers required space for most of our activities including rooms for classes, playground and main hall for ceremonies.

The school's main objective is to deliver basic to medium level teaching of Farsi language and Persian culture to any potential learner from any age, gender, level of literacy or nationality. In practice, the activities are targeting mainly the children of Farsi speaking families from any nationality which includes Iranians, Kurds, Afghanis, and Tajiks. The school has been successful to attract a wide range of users from various ages, religions, nationalities and social levels.

Younger kids choose Ferdowsi School because of its fun and friendly environment, and older ones take classes at Ferdowsi knowing how important it is to learn their mother language as well as its impact on their future achievements and education.

Liverpool Ferdowsi Farsi school currently has 31 students and is growing rapidly. Our School is now a member of Federation of Farsi Schools of the UK and Liverpool Supplementary School Network. Ferdowsi Farsi School has been awarded the NRCSE (National Resourse Centre for Supplementary Education) Quality Mark for achieving the standard quality of supplementary schools in 2017. Special thanks to the staff and teachers for their hard work towards this important achievement.

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